Review: Kid Andersen’s Blues Refinery

Full Disclosure: I am not a paid blogger, but TrueFire has exchanged access to their lessons to me for a review per month.

My apologies for the long break in lesson reviews. I last left off discussing Oz Noy’s incredibly hip take on the blues by getting a non-traditional sound. Today I get to discuss Kid Andersen’s incredibly hip take on the blues by getting a very traditional sound. Specifically Kid Adersen is most known for playing with Rick Estrin and the Nightcats, when the recently departed Little Charlie Baty retired and the band changed it’s name from Little Charlie and the Nightcats. Huge shoes to fill, but his command of the “West Coast Swing Blues” style of guitar in the vein of Little Charlie and Hollywood Fats landed the gig, and is on full display in Kid Andersen’s Blues Refinery.

Kid has a fine sense of humor and an incredibly useful mix of straight concepts like building your melodies off chord shapes, techniques like bending and raking, and some easy to remember tricks based off of solid concepts that he calls “shortcuts to sophistication.” – As a theory fan, I had to stop a few times and go, oh yeah that’s based on… that works and is totally a cool take on that. No spoilers, but that section alone is worth the price of admission.

But there is the biggest section of taking those ideas and concepts, plus being able to see his licks tabbed out, on display over a Boogaloo, Box Shuffle, Slow Minor, etc. I don’t know what else to say other than this another unique collection of great lessons for blues guitar playing.

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