Review: Josh Smith’s Blue Highways

Full Disclosure: I am not a paid blogger, but TrueFire does exchange access to their lessons to me for a review per month.

What to say about Josh Smith’s Blue Highways… Josh is a masterful player that I was not previously aware of. Once again, the meat of this masterclass is concepts, and Josh serves up many of the same things that I would give to intermediate and above students; and ones that I use on the bandstand at every opportunity and explains them very well. The fact that his (stellar) results using the same concepts are so different from mine speaks to the individuality of the blues as a genre and improvised music.

Which then leads to his examples, and then a second section where he’s improvising solos over a minor funk, shuffle, slow blues, etc. And oo-ee, his licks are worth studying and adding to your own bag.

Great explanations of musical approaches, playing “through” changes and applying the melodic minor to the blues, and great solo demonstrations. This course is definitely worth a look for advancing blues improvisors.

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