Review Bonus: Oz Noy’s Twisted Guitar: Blues Soloing

Full Disclosure: I am not a paid blogger, but TrueFire does exchange access to their lessons to me for a review per month.

Oh my, if this is Twisted, just keep turning that key. I’ve heard some of Oz Noy’s work before, but here in Twisted Guitar: Blues Soloing he’s keeping one foot in the traditions of blues and blues rock, and in the other going into more modern jazz dissonance, creating licks that start where fans of SRV or Albert Collins will find familiar, take a left turn that make you think you’ve careened off the rails, then land right back… as if to say “what, is something wrong?” or “I meant to do that.” And with the explanations given, yes, he totally meant to do that, and is telling you how you can, too.

The presentation is a great approach, too. Oz will show three different licks individually, usually with related approaches, developing to a complete solo composed with the licks in context; and then a followup improvised solo twisting the ideas further and just adding more Oz Noy insanity. For example: one of the tracks, Ice Man starts with a lick inspired by Albert collins in A minor Pentatonic, but then demonstrates taking it up a half step and then resolving.  The second example has a Bb7 arpeggio to step out, and the third steps outside with major triads ascending by fourths. Then you have a complete composed solo with those licks. And then an improvised one tabbed out.

Tons of tricks for the blues guitarist trying to break away from boring. I need to spend some more time with this one.

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